Restore The Lost Sensual Passion By Uprighting Erection With Filitra

Right from our birth, hormones play an important role. Sensual hormones start building up inside our body in our teens that is why our body responds to sensual touch or kiss. Not only boys female also fantasize their loved one and crave for passionate sensual chemistry. When two people like each other, they desire to get close to each other. Intimacy is the way out for two persons to show their love towards each other. Sharing emotional and physical bond will triple up your love. IMPOTENCY can be from any side. Sometimes women have less libido and sometimes men face sensual tension. If you had been enjoying your sensual life from past many years but suddenly you faced erection problem, this becomes the tough situation. Facing ED quite often should not be ignored. It will threaten your relation. Your partner needs you so do not ignore such circumstances and try Filitra.

Filitra from our online pharmacy store


This medicine will bring back your physical chemistry what had been lost due to ED. Never let ED ruin your relationships. Filitra  has been used among many to deal with impotency issue.

Generic Vardenafil Strength of Filitra 20 mg, 40 mg, 60 mg

Erectile dysfunction is a common issue in those times. Many males come across through this physical disturbance and their relationships get threatened. Vardenafil is the best medicine among all to eradicate ED issue.

Vardenafil belongs to PDE5 enzyme inhibitor that ceases the activity of PDE5.
What happens after inhibition of PDE5?
After the prohibition of PDE5, there is a high rise in cGMP in the penile region. Enough of cGMP brings vasodilation and thus, speeds blood circulation towards blood vessels. This results in an erection. The inflow of blood rises and the outflow stops so blood get trapped thus maintaining an erection for longer time.

Filitra Dosing scheme you must follow

ED patient are advised to start using a single tablet before one hour of sensual chemistry. The onset starts within 30 minutes and the duration lasts for about 4-6 hours time.
Remember to follow some important points

• Next dose must be consumed only after 24 hours.
• Have good sensual intimacy session to bring the effect of the medicine.
• It is oral dosage form of the drug.


• Using any Nitrate containing medicines and Poppers
• Having heart problem or stroke
• Having retinitis pigmentosa, high or low blood pressure
• Coming under the age group of 18 years
• Hypersensitive to its ingredients


• Shun drinks containing alcohol and grapefruit juices, as those drinks will bring worse effects.
• Make sure to report your doctor if you see any pain while an erection.
• Dizzy feeling is quite common so avoid work that is tough or hard.
• Fat containing food will slow down absorption process so stop taking fatty food.

UNWANTED AFTEREFFECTS that happens with Filitra are heartburn, stuffy nose, runny nose, flushing, dizzy feeling, stomach upset, severe or persistent vision changes, fainting, headache, irregularity of heartbeats, and vomiting.


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